2019 Executive Board

Henry Byrne



Born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida, Henry has always had a drive for adventure. He’s a sophomore in the Ad/PR program and has used his multipotentiality to take on many creative pursuits. He aims to run his own digital marketing business upon graduation. When he’s not studying or working on new ideas, you’ll catch him playing soccer, learning a new dinner recipe, or filming a video for   UCF’s Instagram.

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Danna Saenz

VP of Operations

6She’s originally from Bogotá, Colombia, but Danna’s life has had a taste for variety. She’s lived up and down Florida’s eastern coast and even spending time residing in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. These experiences drive her to seek out a career bursting with travel and excitement, but most importantly creative fulfillment. Now a junior and Ad/PR and Writing and Rhetoric double major, she’s found a passion for self-expression through the written word. And yoga. You’re guaranteed to find her at the RWC’s power yoga on Sundays.

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Adriana Gray

Director of Membership


An Ad/PR major minoring in Digital Media and Event Management, it is clear that Adriana has a love for learning new things! A planning extraordinaire, she loves to research her goals— from travel locations to room makeover ideas. Find this self-proclaimed bargain hunter searching for the best deals and couponing her way through college!

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Charlai Cooper

Director of Communications

2Straight out of Jacksonville and lighting up UCF, say a big bonjour to Charlai Cooper. As an Ad/PR student, Charlai pursues to promote the message of advertising among students. On her free time, she enjoys relaxing on campus while practicing her French skills. Génial, n’est-ce pas? If you see Charlai, don’t hesitate to chat. Just remember, this mademoiselle is always wearing pink.

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Lauren Schwartz

Director of Events

4Born and raised in Parkland, Florida, Lauren is not far from home. She was, however, far from knowing what she wanted to major in when heading to UCF. She recently found her passion and fell in love with Ad/PR and everything creative. Cooking shows are also her guilty pleasure, and she incorporates creativity into her cooking – especially Pad Thai. From graphic design, marketing, and advertising, Lauren is always open to learning something exciting, new, and maybe even tasty.

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Gretchen Wiemer


1As a ninth generation central Floridian, Gretchen was destined to become a Knight. With a passion for art, ever since she was a little girl, and a love (maybe a little too much love) for planning and organization, Advertising seemed to come naturally to her. While Gretchen loves Ad/PR she can always be found taking on a new challenge her current endeavor is Real Estate, but who knows where she will go next.

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Margaret Zorrilla-Cortez

Creative Director


Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Margaret’s passion for design and marketing allowed her to pursue not one but two Bachelor’s Degrees. After completing her first degree in Digital Arts and Design at Full Sail University, she decided to become a Knight and fell madly in love with Ad/PR. This creative ambivert has an obsession for Tastemade videos — actually trying out the recipes — loves karaoke and “echar un pie” a.k.a salsa dancing.

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